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Direct Primary Care in South Carolina

Dr. Leventis-Shew and Victory Family Medicine provide a level of service that is unprecedented in the standard insurance-driven healthcare system. This is because of the innovative Direct Primary Care model. Direct Primary Care helps Dr. Leventis-Shew provide better care by removing all of the barriers in place when it comes to caring for her patients.

“Bringing trust and enjoyment back to family medicine, through a proactive and holistic approach to overall health and wellbeing.”
-Dr. Victoria Leventis-Shew

We prioritize our patients’ health, value, and convenience instead of a hospital’s bottom line. This represents a stark alternative to the surprise bills, barriers to care, and high costs of healthcare’s disappointing status quo.

We utilize clearly-priced, subscription-based primary care and discounted, cash-based specialty and surgical care. The mission is to help patients get the care they need, when they need it, from a trusted doctor for a clear price in a convenient manner. Our patients enjoy a superior care experience that delivers peace of mind, comfort, affordability and convenience without restrictions, barriers or frustration.

The only care that is accessible to everyone
The only care that is accessible to everyone

We do not discriminate against insurance plans. It is the only experience that is open to everyone, everywhere. Member experience is elevated by education, familiarity, convenience, and trust.

Service-driven leadership

Everything is centered around the physician and patient relationship. When people can connect free of barriers, great things happen. We believe that this is the best way to access great care. Our team consists of individuals that work every day to uplift and support patients. We pride ourselves on knowing our patients and providing the best care that we can.

Service-driven leadership

How is Victory Family Medicine different?

Being a part of the FreedomDoc community, I am able to give you unprecedented access and convenience. Victory Family Medicine members benefit from deeply discounted labs and imaging, as well as from wholesale savings on medications.



Unlimited visits with your physician that are as long as they need to be


Home delivery of medications

Convenient monthly, quarterly or annual billing with no co-pays or admin fees
Deeply discounted labs and imaging where you know the cost up front
Flexible scheduling to meet your needs with little to no wait times
Enhanced access to your physician and virtual visits through text, email or video
Personalized and whole-person healthcare that is unique to you and your needs
Comprehensive care

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